W.O. Swartland

Typical Swartland style Red. All my wines are address specific, from a unique terroir or Appellation as the French call it. BLACK was my first wine, the first vintage was 2008. Over the last +/- 20 years, pioneering winemakers, have been making wines with a common style and identity in the greater Swartland region. For the last 13 years BLACK has been a part of the Swartland style identity development. BLACK is a blend of mostly Syrah(+/-70%), assisted with Carignan for balance, acidity and complexity. BLACK refers to a red wine from the Swartland, as “Swart” translated is Black.

THE LABEL – The 2018 Vintage release marked the return of our first label produced. A slightly more adapted version of our maiden label of BLACK back in 2008.
The label was a blank black label, signifying the name and origin of the wine. When our label changed the first time in 2016 to the new art-labels, Lionel Smit and
decided to paint it black due to the name. Both 2016 & 2017 were painted accordingly. The end result was incredible in terms of art… but in terms of the wines they were depicting,… a bit more challenging. All our other reds are painted in carefully selected colours representing the fruit profile of the wine. With the 2018 vintage we however decided to go back to the roots of The Ahrens Family Winery and re-create the old BLACK label. The 2020 BLACK is the 3rd vintage under our modified original label.

Wine Analysis & Info


Five older Swartland vineyards of which three are in the northen Paardeberg and the other two north and east of Malmesbury


±70% Syrah with ±30 Carignan


Decomposed Granites and Ferricrete iron-rich shales


14.0% by Vol