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W.O. Wellington

Single Vineyard Old Bush-vine Chenin Blanc. All my wines are address specific, from a unique terroir or Appellation as the French call it. Wellington is one of the historic wine producing regions in the Western Cape. The climate is warm with moderate rainfall. In terms of white wines the region is certainly best suited for Chenin Blanc and perhaps even Grenache Blanc and a few other warmer climate varietals. In 2015, Wellington became our hometown. And after searching for the right vineyard we finally found a 1979 Old Bush-vine Chenin in 2018. 2019 Marked the first vintage of our W.O. Wellington Old Vine Chenin. We have had issues with other W.O.’s in the past in terms of trade names etc. and hence decided to re-name the wine to HOMETOWN OVC.

Label art – HOMETOWN OVC is an old vine Chenin from my hometown, Wellington. The artist and I took a photo of this bush-vine arm and top soil in this vineyard.
The soil is a duplex soil and has both quartz and “Koffieklip” (Ferricrete) rocks and pebbles throughout the top soil horizon. The larger rocks illustrated are quartz and the smaller ones “Koffieklip” which translates to “Coffee-stone” as the small dark-red pebbles almost look like coffee beans. Quartz brings the freshness & minerality and the iron rich “Koffiekilp” brings the power balance to the wine. The relatively medium intense yellow colour used by the artist shows the medium balanced intensity of this wine, as the rocks become the soil, and the soil influences the wine.

Wine Analysis & Info


Old bush-vine in the northern part of the Wellington region planted in 1979


100% Single Vineyard Chenin Blanc


A duplex Shale with both quartz and “Koffieklip” (Ferricrete)


13.5% by Vol