koffieklip ovc

W.O. Swartland

Single Vineyard Old Bush-vine Chenin Blanc. All my wines are address specific, from a unique terroir or Appellation as the French call it. KOFFIEKLIP OVC is an Old Vine Chenin Blanc(OVC) from a 1984 Swartland bush-vine vineyard. The dry arid climate of the Swartland produces our warmest and richest OVC showcasing ripe balanced fruit with intense colour. Three components are usually harvested at different ripeness levels in order to create a harmonious balance between rich & ripe Chenin flavours and freshness & acidity of the earlier picking.

Label art – The KOFFIEKLIP OVC label is a sketch of three Ferricrete rocks from the actual vineyard. Ferricrete is locally known as “Koffieklip” which directly translates to coffee-stone. Ferricrete is rich in iron and produces wines with intensity and power in the month feel. This old vine chenin is the most powerful of our old vine Chenins and the colour intensity is shown in the colours used in the rocks.

Wine Analysis & Info


Old bush-vine in the north-western part of the Swartland region planted in 1984


100% Single Vineyard Chenin Blanc


Shallow sandy top soil followed by an iron-rich Ferricrete(Koffieklip) shale


13.5% by Vol